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MOULDCHEKEnvironmental Services
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Picture of Certified Mould Inspector Alona Davelman who does mold inspections in Ontario,Canada.

Alona Davelman, M.Sc., Certified Mould Inspector, and
owner of Mouldcheck Environmental Services and Laboratory

"Because we will not be involved in the mould remediation of any mould problems that we may uncover in our mould inspection and testing, there is NO conflict of interest. In other words, we donít make up or exaggerate mould problems to get your mould remediation work.  If you so desire, we can offer certified mould consulting services (such as: a.--- the preparation of a mould remediation protocol plan to help you get mould contractor bids; and b.---our independent clearance testing of your home or other building after it has been remediated by a mould contractor) to help you succeed in the remediation process."

Mouldchek Environmental Services of Ontario, Canada, offers mould inspection services   for       your home or other building performed by Alona Davelman, M.Sc. and Certified Mould Inspector, and other certified mould inspectors, plus mould laboratory mold species identification and quantification for toxic moulds---performed by professional microbiologists.

Mouldchek Environmental has an affordable prices and fast turn-around time.

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Certified Mould Inspector Davelman and her company MOULDCHEK Environmental Services offer complete mould inspection, mould sampling, and mould testing services in the York Region (Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, King city) and surrounding areas (Bradford, East Gwillimbury, Barrie, Markham) and mould analysis laboratory services all across Canada.
Mouldchek has a progressive laboratory with experienced  mould  microbiologists on site.

We provide  mould lab analysis results in a timely manner. 
To meet the needs of our clients we offer:
                     (1) super rush analysis (same day report)
                     (2) rush analysis (24 hours)
                     (3) regular analysis (3-5 business days)

Our company provides accurate mould testing services including direct microscopic analyses (DME) of
bulk samples (wood, drywall, carpet, wallpaper, dust), tape-lift samples and non-viable air samples (Air-O-Cell and Micro5 cassettes) by our team of highly professional microbiologists.

Who We Serve:

         Environmental engineering and construction firms

         Building contractors


         Home inspectors

         Mould inspectors

         Real estate agents

         Seniors facilities

         Industrial and commercial buildings

         Insurance professionals

         Day care, kids facilities

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