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Microscopic photo/picture of Mucor mold taken during mold sample analysis by mold expert.

Mucor mold under a microscope taken during mold sample analysis.

Stachybotrys toxic mold growing on and in drywall.

Stachybotrys toxic mold
growing on and in drywall.
[from Case Western Reserve U.]

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The issues surrounding mold can be taken care of with some education and preventative measures. Fear is in the unknown...

Be trained and certified as a Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, and/or Certified Environmental Hygienist.

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Protect Yourself
Against Mold Scams

Because the mold industry is so new, it is currently unregulated and unlicensed. Because the demand for mold testing and mold remediation is so high, there do exist, unfortunately, mold scammers who want to separate property owners from their money rather than from their mold problems. To avoid being a victim of a mold scam, if you have a possible mold problem, please hire a Certified Mold Inspector or Certified Mold Investigator, Certified Mold Contractor or Certified Mold Remediator. Here are several of the leading mold scams:


Insurance Companies and Insurance Adjusters as Scammers

Here are several mold frauds perpetrated by insurance companies and insurance adjusters:

  1. Hiring incompetent, low-paid, company-stooge testing personnel to do the least possible mold testing in the least likely mold-locations in an insured's property so that any actual mold is NOT likely to be discovered.

  2. Utilizing ineffective air cassettes so that little or no mold will be discovered. Air cassettes test too small of an air sample [just 150 cubic liters in a short 10 minute air test for the widely-used air cassette] to give a truly accurate insight into a property's real mold infestation problems. Direct sampling of visible molds and mold culture plates are vastly superior to air cassettes in determining the true extent of mold problems in a property and in identification of the molds present.

  3. If the testing stooges uncover any mold problems, the serious mold test results are not to be shared with the insureds and are to be kept a complete secret forever from the insureds [this common insurance company fraud is one of the causes of actions in the $20 million Ed McMahon lawsuit against his homeowner's insurance company and its two insurance stooge testing and remediation companies. The McMahon defendants kept secret mold test results showing a serious mold infestation in the McMahon residence of the deadly mold Stachybotrys].

  4. Telling insureds that there is no mold insurance coverage even though there is evidence that insurance-covered water damage is the direct cause of the resulting mold infestation.

House Cooking

House cooking is when the mold scammers introduce large numbers of mold spores into the home or other building, and then increase the temperature and humidity [e.g., shut off air conditioning, close windows and run humidifiers full blast] to cause high levels of detectable mold to justify expensive mold remediation work. For a more detailed look at house cooking, please click on: House Cooking.

Fraudulent Mold Testing

The mold scammers will bring back to you mold test results showing big-time mold problems in your home or property. Unfortunately for you, the mold samples are NOT actually from your home but are, in fact, samples that had been intentionally infected [inoculated] with large amounts of mold species from other locations or from mold collections maintained by the scammers.

Mold Remediation Shortcuts

Many fraudulent mold remediation jobs end with the mold problems as great or greater than before the remediation work was done because of shortcuts taken by the mold scammers and because of flawed remediation techniques, procedures, and techniques utilized by the mold scammers who only care about getting your money, rather than solving your family's mold crisis. One big shortcut is that many mold remediators often rely on ineffective but cheap chlorine bleach as an alleged mold killer. See the discussion on chlorine bleach below.

Using Ineffective Chlorine Bleach Because It Is Cheap!

Many mold remediation companies utilize cheap but ineffective chlorine bleach as their preferred chemical to allegedly kill mold to cut corners and costs in their mold remediation jobs. Unfortunately, chlorine bleach is not an effective or lasting killer of mold and mold spores. Bleach is good only for changing the color of the mold. Three weeks after treatment with chlorine bleach, mold will return just as strong as before.


  1. It is too diluted and thus too weak to permanently kill mold.

  2. What little killing power chlorine bleach does have is diminished significantly as the bleach sits in warehouses and on grocery store shelves or in your house or business [50% loss in killing power in just the first 90 days inside a never opened jug or container]. Chlorine constantly escapes through the plastic walls of its containers.

  3. Its ion structure prevents chlorine from penetrating into porous materials such as drywall and wood---it just stays on the outside surface, whereas mold has enzyme roots growing inside the porous construction materials, and

  4. Chlorine Bleach is NOT registered with the EPA as a disinfectant to kill mold. You can verify that important fact yourself when you are unable to find an EPA registration number for killing mold on the label of any brand of chlorine bleach.

Quaternary ammonium compounds are far more effective than bleach in permanently killing mold contamination.

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