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Is your Canadian home or real estate property mold infested? Living or working in a mold infested area can easily cause serious health problems. Have your Canada home mold inspected by Certified Mold Inspectors & Remediators in Canada.

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 You can arrange for Phillip Fry to travel to your company to present his three day long mold and environmental hygiene training and certification  class anywhere in the USA, Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, or  Australia/NZ. 
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Certified Mold Inspectors,
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and Certified Environmental
Hygienists who are in

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Need immediate help to repair and remediate mold damage caused by a hurricane, typhoon, tornado,
windstorm, or fire?


Microscopic photo/picture of Mucor mold taken during mold sample analysis by mold expert.

Mucor mold under a microscope taken during mold sample analysis.

Stachybotrys toxic mold growing on and in drywall.

Stachybotrys toxic mold
growing on and in drywall.
[from Case Western Reserve U.]

Protect Yourself
Against Mold With A
Certified Mold Inspector

The issues surrounding mold can be taken care of with some education and preventative measures. Fear is in the unknown...

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Read ebook Mold Legal Guide
Mold & Law

Are you a mold victim who needs compensation for injury to your and your family's health; mold damage and mold infestation of your condo, home, office, rented property, or other owned real estate; and/or temporary housing expenses to live in a mold safe place while your apartment, residence, and condominium is mold remediated.

Are you seeking fair and just compensation for mold problems caused by (or not disclosed by) your landlord, employer, condominium association, home builder, repair or remodeling contractor, home inspector, home appraiser, real estate seller, mortgage lender, or realtor or real estate sales agent?

To find a Certified Mold Inspector to thoroughly inspect and test the home or building in question to document whether or not there is a serious mold infestation problem, please visit: Certified Mold Inspector. If you want to do an initial mold test of a property at a low cost, consider using do-it-yourself Mold Test Kits and Mold Laboratory analysis and identification. To have the expert mold analysis and identification services of a top-ranked mold laboratory to analyze the mold samplings collected by the Certified Mold Inspector, use the Professional Certification Institute.

Hire a Certified Mold Remediator to develop a well-thought out, factually-strong mold remediation protocol plan with a realistic estimated remediation budget for taking care of any mold problems discovered by the Certified Mold Inspector.

Obtain the professional mold services of an expert mold witness with whom the mold attorney or mold lawyer can consult with as to the mold science and the case's scientific mold evidence to enable the mold attorney to properly develop;

  1. Discover requests for the production of documents, admissions, interrogatories, and depositions to lay the factual base for the prosecution or defense of the mold case; and

  2. Pleadings (written arguments based on the facts in the case) to advance the legal well-being of the attorney or lawyer's mold prosecution or defense client. Pleadings include such major legal documents as the plaintiff's initial demand for compensation letter, the plaintiff's lawsuit itself, the defendant's answer to the lawsuit or the defendant's motion to dismiss the lawsuit, or a motion for summary judgment by either the plaintiff of the defendant.

One mold expert that can help a mold attorney or mold lawyer do well in understanding mold issues for the attorney's writing of both discovery requests and legal briefs is Phillip Fry, Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Contractor, Certified Environmental Inspector, and Certified Home Inspector, and author of the book "Do-It-Yourself Mold Prevention, Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, & Mold Remediation", and webmaster of the internet's high ranking web site on toxic molds: If you are a mold attorney or a mold lawyer who is seeking the best possible mold expertise to win your client's mold case, please email Phil:

Whether you are a mold attorney or mold lawyer interested in winning your client's mold cases or a property owner or manager who wants to take better care of his or her properties to avoid mold lawsuits, consider being trained and certified. Enroll now in our Study Mold at Home training program offered by the Professional Certification Institute.

             Individuals and attorneys interested in prosecuting or defending mold legal claims would learn much by carefully reading the ebook Mold Legal Guide.

Toxic Mold Insurance, Black Mold Insurance, and Other Insurance Claims for Mold Damage

For help in collecting on a black mold insurance claim, toxic mold insurance claim, or any other type of mold infestation insurance claim, get professional mold testing and mold remediation assistance from a Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Contractor or Remediator.  Also, read the indepth ebook Mold Legal Guide.

California Mold Disclosure Law

The new California mold disclosure law took effect in California on January 1, 2002, but real estate sellers and prospective landlords won't have to disclose the presence of mold in California homes and buildings to prospective buyers and prospective tenants under the first state law to address growing public fears about mold problems until some future date [probably January 1, 2004] when the State of California publishes both mold contamination and mold remediation standards.

Jury Sends Message to Insurance Industry in Toxic Mold Case

A recent jury decision should put up red flags for insurers: Take care of toxic mold claims adequately and promptly, or risk being assessed millions of dollars. To read more about this case, please visit Toxic Mold Case.

Legal Liability for Mold Contamination

Need help to collect for Mold Legal Liability from a landlord, home builder, building contractor, real estate seller, realtor (broker or agent), or landlord? Here are some resources that provide you with invaluable aid and assistance. Also, be sure to read our Mold Legal Questions & Answers.

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   Be trained and certified as a Certified Mold Inspector, Certified 
   Mold Remediator, and/or Certified Environmental Hygienist.

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