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Mississippi Client Testimonial

Smithville, Mississippi. June 24, 2015. “It has been a real pleasure and honor having Phil & Divine including Divine's cousin come to Mississippi and do such a professional job and rescue our home from mold. We don't know what we would have done without their superior assistance.  These people really care about people's health not just the health of their homes.  We believe they are the very best in mold remediation compared to others when it comes mold and moisture issues in homes.  It is so nice to get answers and advice on maintenance and prevention, not to mention the follow up contact.  We recommend Phil & Divine including their wonderful and hard working crew unhesitatingly and give a AAA+ rating to this knowledgeable and caring company.” Jerry and Ladonna Aldridge, Smithville, Mississippi

Toxic Mold & Environmental Hygienist Inspection, Testing,

Removal, Remediation, & Testing in Mississippi
Toxic mold inspectors, ozone professionals, Certified Environmental Hygienists, Professional Industrial Hygienists, and mold experts Phillip and Divine Fry do environmental inspection, toxic mold testing, cleaning, removal, remediation, and prevention for your home or other building in Amory, Aberdeen, Booneville, Batesville, Brookhaven, Biloxi, Columbia, Crystal Springs, Clarksdale, Cleveland, Columbus, Corinth, Forest, Greenwood, Greenville, Grenada, Gulfport, Holly Springs, Helena, Hamilton, Hattiesburg, Indianola, Jackson, Kosciusko, Laurel, Leland, Louisville, Mississippi State, Meridian, McComb, New Albany, Natchez, Oxford, Pontotoc, Philadelphia, Picayune, Pascagoula, Ripley, Southaven, Starkville, Tupelo, West Point, Winona, Waynesboro, Yazoo City, and adjacent Mississippi areas.  Read Fry's mold consultant client testimonials.

                                                                   Certified Mold Inspector Phillip Fry


Do Your Own Mold Testing with Scotch Tape Lift Sampling, Petri Lab Dish Mold Test Kits, Physical Mold Samples, and Carpet Mold Test Kits for Your Home or Workplace Anywhere in Mississippi

Do-It-Best-Yourself Mold Solutions

Phillip and Divine Fry, Certified Mold Inspectors, Certified Mold Remediators, Certified Environmental Hygienists, Certified Ozone Professionals and Professional Industrial Hygienists can help you fix your own property’s mold problems at low-cost, more safely, and better-in- results than what is done by many mold inspectors and mold contractors.  How can Phil help you?

     1. Read
mold consultant Phil’s five plain-English, mold advice books to master mold inspection, mold testing, removal, remediation, and prevention for your house, condo, apartment, office,  or workplace.

     2. Buy do-it-yourself, affordable
mold test kits, mold lab analysis, video inspection scope, mold cleaner, Tim-Bor Professional mold killer, and a mold-killing ozone generator for the  successful toxic and household mold inspection, mold testing, mold species identification and quantification, mold cleaning, mold removal, and mold remediation to find mold, kill mold, clean mold, and remove mold from your residence or commercial building.

     3. Get FREE mold advice, mold help, and/or answers to your mold questions, by emailing mold expert Phillip Fry at You can also email pictures of your mold problems in jpeg file format as email attachments.

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Read: Don’t Pay Too Much for Toxic Mold Removal
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