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Mould test kits, ozone generators (220 volt) to kill mould growth and offensive odors, and mould fogging machines can be sent via affordable and insured postal delivery to your home or business address anywhere in Czech Republic.  Our five mould advice ebooks are sent to you via email attachment.
 If you need mould or environmental inspection, testing, remediation, removal, and/or prevention in Czech Republic, please email Phillip Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist, Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, and Certified Ozone Specialist. Email: or
phone USA 1-480-310-7970.
 If you would like to be trained and certified online in Czech Republic as a Certified Mould Inspector, Certified Mould Remediator, Certified Environmental Hygienist, or Certified Ozone Professional, please visit Ecology College.

Do Your Own Mold Testing in the Czech Republic with
Mold Test Kits

Miete-Form-Experte Phillip Fry Ihr Haus oder Gebäude zu lösen, formen Probleme.

Hire Mold Experts Phillip Fry and Divine Montero Fry to solve your Czech Republic Home or Buildings mold problems.

Email: or phone USA 1-480-310-7970

Phillip Fry, Der beglaubigte Form-Inspektor, Beglaubigter Form-Wiedervermittler, und Beglaubigter Umwelthygieniker, kann Ihnen mit unbegrenzt (zwei Monate) erfahrene Form-Leitungse-Mail für nur 99 $ zur Verfügung stellen. Lesen Sie darüber Phil's Form-Gutachten, Form-Experten besuchend.

Phillip Fry, Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, and Certified Environmental Hygienist, can provide you with unlimited (two months) expert mold guidance email for only $99. Read about Phil's mold expertise by visiting Mold Expert.

To hire Phil's mold expertise to advise you as to how to do the mold inspection, testing, remediation, and prevention for your home or other building, please click on the PayPal link below.

Werden Sie erzogen und werden Sie als ein Beglaubigter Form-Inspektor, Beglaubigter Form-Wiedervermittler, und/oder Beglaubigter Umwelthygieniker bescheinigt.

Be trained and certified
as a Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, and/or Certified Environmental Hygienist.

Lesen Sie den 5 Form-Rat ebooks in der Form-Bibliothekskombination, für einen vereinigten Rabattpreis von nur 49.00 $ [75.00 $, wenn gekauft, getrennt]. Combo-Paket schließt ein: (a) Form-Verhinderung "tun es am besten sich selbst", Besichtigung, die Prüfung, und Wiedervermittlung, 15 $; (b) Form-Gesundheitsführer, 15 $; (c) Formen Gesetzlichen Führer, 15 $; (d) Formen Hausheilmittel-Rezepte, 15 $; und (e) Form-Ungeheuer, 15 $. Alle nützlichen ebooks werden an Ihre bezeichnete E-Mail-Adresse durch E-Mail-Verhaftungen nur innerhalb von 12-24 Stunden Ihrer Ordnung geliefert. Ordnung Jetzt!

Mold Library Combination
Read the 5 mold advice ebooks in the Mold Library Combination, for a combined discount price of only $49.00 [$75.00 if bought separately]. Combo package includes: (a) Do-It-Best-Yourself Mold Prevention, Inspection, Testing, and Remediation, $15; (b) Mold Health Guide, $15; (c) Mold Legal Guide, $15; (d) Mold Home Remedy Recipes, $15; and (e) Mold Monsters, $15.  All helpful ebooks are delivered to your designated email address by email attachments only within 12-24 hours of your order. Order Now!

Form-Besichtigung von Tschechien und die Form-Prüfung

Czech Republic Mould Inspection & Mould Testing

Stellen Sie einen Beglaubigten Form-Inspektor an, um Zu formen, Untersuchen und Formen Test Ihr Ostrava Nach Hause, Wohnung, Eigentumswohnung, Büro, Arbeitsplatz oder Anderes Gebäude in Ostrava, Prag, Brno und Plzen.

Hire a Certified Mould Inspector to Mould Inspect and Mould Test Your Ostrava Home, Apartment, Condominium, Office, Workplace or Other Building in Ostrava, Prague, Brno and Plzen.

Finden Sie Form-Plage verborgen innerhalb der Wände, der Decken, der Fußböden, des Dachbodens. Kraul-Raum, und die Heizung und das Abkühlen der Ausrüstung und Kanäle Ihres Hauses oder anderen Gebäudes in Ostrava, Prag, Brno oder Plzen, einen der folgenden Beglaubigten Form-Inspektoren anstellend---

Find mould infestation hidden inside the walls, ceilings, floors, attic. crawl space, and the heating and cooling equipment and ducts of your house or other building in Ostrava, Prague, Brno or Plzen by hiring one of the following Certified Mould Inspectors--- 

                                     Phillip Fry, Der beglaubigte Form-Inspektor

                                    Phillip Fry, Certified Mold Inspector

Wenn Sie erzogen und online bescheinigt werden möchten, um ein Beglaubigter Form-Inspektor und Beglaubigter Form-Wiedervermittler, bitte Besuch-Ökologie-Universität zu sein.

If you would like to be trained and certified online to be a Certified Mould Inspector and Certified Mould Remediator, please visit Ecology College.

Wenn Sie bereits ein Form-Inspektor in Tschechien sind und in dieser Form-Abteilung von Tschechien inserieren möchten, schicken Sie bitte der Form-Werbung per Email.

If you are already a mould inspector in the Czech Republic and would like to advertise in this Czech Republic mould section, please email Mould Advertising.

Mold Consultant  Mold Expert 

How Mould Experts Phillip and Divine Fry Can Help You Right Here in the Czech Republic by---

(1) Teaching you how to take your own mould samples with mould lab analysis for mould species identification and quantification by our USA mold laboratory. For details, visit the do-your-own mould testing section of Mold Consultants website.

(2) Delivering to you safe, non-toxic, liquid enzyme disinfectant that you spray or fog everywhere in your home or commercial building to kill mould and bacteria. In addition, EnviroFry can mail you boric acid powder, which is an excellent mold remover and mold preventative.

(3) Your reading mold expert Phillip Fry’s five mould advice ebooks (delivered to you as email attachments) Mold Health Guide; Mold Monsters; Do It Best Yourself Mold Inspection, Testing, Remediation, and Prevention; Mold Legal Guide; and Mold Home Remedy Recipes.

(4) Receiving the unlimited expert mold advice you need by phone and email for 30 days to solve your mould problems by phone and email from mold expert Phillip Fry. For details on this US $99 advice service, email Phillip can also send his professional mold evaluation from your provided mold pictures and do-it-yourself mold test results to use with your landlord, employer, real estate seller, or other party to whom you need to prove you are living or working in a moldy and dangerous environment.

(5) In person mould inspection, testing, remediation, and prevention at your home or commercial building from mould experts Phillip and Divine Fry, who will fly to your nation from the United States. For details, email

(6) Delivering to you a high output ozone generator (contractor model with 220 volt electric supply) to kill airborne mold spores, mold growth, bacteria, and odors in your home or workplace. For details, visit We also sell mold fogging machines with 220 volt electric supply for delivery worldwide.

(7) Training and certifying you online in your home or office anywhere in the world to be a Certified Environmental Hygienist, Professional Industrial Hygienist, Certified Mould Inspector, and/or Certified Mould Remediator. For details, visit


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